New Year, New me....I'm just playin'...That's corny.  With 2016 coming in though I'm excited to get some new music and play some new places though. One of my life and career goals for the upcoming year is to "get back to me". I love so many different types of music and art that sometimes I forget to show my audience my roots instead of my branches. This upcoming year I hope to change that and show a deeper side of myself through photos, music, my posts and through social media in general. I believe the greater you know yourself the better an artist you are and I hope to get better at that this year. I know when I look at new artists I don't look for perfection, rather the genuine flaws about them make their music that much better to me. I think beyond music all people are like that. We are drawn to people who we see our own flaws in but where we are too insecure to promote them to the world, those we admire hold them up as a billboard saying "I do this too! It's not weird! It's completely normal". I hope one day I can be that guy. I'm hungry. I gotta get something to eat y'all. Take care!!